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Sustainment Acquires Manufacturing Content Leader, CompanyWeek

Sustainment Acquires Manufacturing Content Leader, CompanyWeek
May 31, 2022
Sustainment Team

CompanyWeek’s content website and regional manufacturing e-publications will help facilitate Sustainment’s mission to showcase and connect American manufacturers.

AUSTIN, TEXAS. - Sustainment Technologies and CompanyWeek today announced that they are joining forces to better service and connect American manufacturers.

Sustainment is a software platform that intelligently connects the fragmented ecosystem of small and medium-sized American suppliers with their enterprise customers to enable agile supply chain networks. Sustainment’s software enables US-based manufacturers to find and engage with the critical suppliers they need to build secure, resilient, domestic supplier networks.

CompanyWeek is a network of manufacturing media, supply-chain tools, and data focusing on the manufacturing economy across the western United States with a dynamic community of over 40,000 readers across 19,000+ manufacturing companies.

The integrated collaboration between Sustainment and CompanyWeek will allow community members to build stronger customer and supply chain relationships using workflow automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence software. The combined online presence will provide a mechanism for small and medium-sized manufacturers to better tell their stories and present their unique capabilities to new customers and partners. Regional and state manufacturing organizations and associations will benefit from a more engaged community to share their services and tell their stories.

“Manufacturing is the backbone of the US economy and a major contributor to jobs, GDP, and community health across the country. The industry has faced challenges from decades from offshoring and underinvestment, but is in the midst of a generational transformation due in part to technological and geopolitical forces. Our shared vision is to reimagine the American manufacturing base as a hyperconnected, secure, and resilient ecosystem of local and regional suppliers who can more easily find, interact, and do business with the partners and customers that rely on them,” said Bret Boyd, CEO of Sustainment.

“This is the next step in the evolution of the CompanyWeek platform,” said Bart Taylor, CEO of CompanyWeek. “We have built a great community of US manufacturers over the past 10 years and we are excited to accelerate our vision of using technology and networking to help manufacturers share their stories, their successes and their challenges with each other.”

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