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Sustainment is a manufacturing market network that intelligently connects federal and defense supply, logistics, and contracting teams to US manufacturing suppliers to increase throughput, reduce rework, and streamline market research and procurement processes.

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Technology that Expands 
the Defense Industrial Base

Our platform provides direct connectivity to US manufacturing suppliers based on your specific workflows and job requirements. Here are just a few of the tools and benefits:

Access the US Manufacturing Industrial Base

Search for manufacturers using location, capability, capacity, past performance, and other factors. Evaluate supplier capabilities efficiently using structured data. Communicate with suppliers securely and directly on the platform.

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Centralized Hub for Your Organization’s Market Research Activities

Easily track and manage market research activities to shorten process times. Powerful analytics and reporting show results and identify process efficiencies.

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Collaborative, Technology-Enabled Market Research Process

Collaborate with multiple team members on a market research process for streamlined workflows. Access unit history to learn how others have solved market research challenges.

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Identify Relevant Suppliers While You Work

Sustainment automatically uses the data you input during the market research process to identify relevant manufacturing suppliers. Process outputs can be downloaded per unit processes or efficiently connected to other government systems.

A screenshot of Sustainment's UI, showing a list of selected manufacturer's.

Trusted as the Manufacturing Network for 12+ States

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The US Air Force Uses Sustainment to Accelerate Supply Chain Operations

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“This automated market research lays the groundwork for digital network confirmation of the sourcing ecosystem [connecting partners and suppliers with Air Force Sustainment Center needs].”

Director of Special Programs, USAF

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Strengthening the Defense Industrial Base

Sustainment is dedicated to rebuilding and expanding America’s manufacturing infrastructure. Our vision is to reimagine the American manufacturing base as a hyperconnected, secure, and resilient ecosystem of local and regional suppliers that can more easily connect and interact with the government and industry organizations that rely on them.

Bring Sustainment to your Organization

Contact our team to learn more about how Sustainment supports federal and defense teams.

Bring Sustainment to your Organization

Contact our team to learn more about how Sustainment supports federal and defense teams.

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