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Make Supplier Management Your Competitive Advantage

Sustainment provides a supplier relationship management (SRM) platform that grows with your business as you manage outsourced work.

A woman inside a manufacturing facility inspecting a metal machine part
Close-up of metal working machine parts

Get Better Work Done with Suppliers

Sustainment boosts your business with a streamlined, centralized tool to manage your supplier network. Experience a world where projects are organized and delivered seamlessly, without the hassle of countless emails or calls to suppliers.

Accelerate your RFQs

Stop juggling emails, spreadsheets, and file shares. Publish projects through Sustainment to your suppliers with one click and enable real-time communication to gather quotes and award business in a fraction of the time.

Stay Up to Date on your Projects

Reduce wasted time trying to understand the status of your outsourced projects. Our platform offers a fast, structured, and organized way to communicate with your suppliers while maintaining a full record of supplier interactions.

A screenshot of Sustainment's UI.  Two users are messaging about an ongoing project.

Find New Suppliers

Strengthen your supply chain by connecting with suppliers from the thousands of engaged manufacturers on Sustainment’s market network.

Screenshot of sustainment product. There is a map containing a list of supplier locations.

Manage Supplier

Maintain a centralized view of supplier performance in order to optimize your network of outsource partners.

Manage Supplier Performance Screenshot

Centralize and Secure Your Supplier Relationships

Your supplier relationships are too important to leave scattered across multiple systems and individual employee communications. Here’s how we mitigate risk with your supplier base to transform it into an enduring asset to your business.

Control Access with NDA Management

Tag, upload, and sign NDAs with suppliers digitally. Access controls prevent sensitive file sharing with partners whose NDAs aren’t on file or are expired.

Track Supplier Qualifications

No more guessing which suppliers can handle your manufacturing jobs. Sustainment helps you track and maintain supplier certifications along with details about their evolving capabilities, alerting you and your suppliers to any gaps.

A screenshot of Sustainment's UI, showing a list of suppliers, and their certification status.

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Don’t leave sensitive project documentation scattered across email, online spreadsheets, and file sharing services. Sustainment creates a secure and CMMC-compliant space for all supplier messaging, accompanied by FedRAMP and ITAR-compliant file sharing.

Capture Tribal Knowledge

Record and store supplier information and interactions and share it organization-wide, creating persistent company memory of these valuable long-term relationships.

Exum Uses the
Power of Sustainment to Create Lasting Local Supplier Relationships

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Image of a man working on a computer screen, which is hooked up to a machine
"We needed a solution to help us find manufacturing partners for many part types. Sustainment not only helps us locate local shops that could do the work, but also allows us a platform to further connect to, communicate with, and manage these relationships."

Kim Nishimoto

Purchasing Agent, Exum Instruments

Bring Sustainment to Your Supply Chain in Minutes

Start for free with unlimited supplier management, up to 3 active projects and 5 users, then upgrade from $245/month.

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