Our Mission

Dedicated to the Success of U.S. Manufacturing

This is a historic opportunity for the US manufacturing industry. Advances in technology and increasing geopolitical risk makes domestic production more attractive than it has been in decades. To capitalize on the moment, we developed a next-generation technology platform that connects local and regional suppliers into the most efficient, effective, and competitive market network in the world.

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Purpose-Driven for Public Support

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Sustainment is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation to demonstrate and deepen our commitment to US manufacturing. This classification is reserved for corporations that operate towards a specifically defined public benefit.

Sustainment’s Public Benefit Statement
“The specific public benefit purpose of the corporation is to create a domestic manufacturing community with a positive effect on, primarily, small-medium manufacturers and the employees, communities, and government and industry organizations that support 
or rely on them.”

Our Goal is Impact

We are proud to monitor and report our impact.

We are committed to empower American manufacturing and are proud of what we’ve accomplished and the difference we are making. But we are just getting started. Join us as we continue to build, every day, just like you do.

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Driving Meaningful Growth in American Manufacturing with Local Partnerships

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"Sustainment's focus on creating technologies that deliver real value to our manufacturers has made a positive impact on not only our manufacturing community, but in our ability to access and connect with our manufacturers to deliver our experience and expertise and help them grow."

Rodney Reddic, 

Interim Executive Director, TMAC

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